US and World news - 25.10.2021

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US and World news - 25.10.2021

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Greek police have arrested seven employees who shot a criminal suspected of stealing a car as a result of a chase. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to local media.

It is reported that three attackers rammed five police motorcycles, injuring seven policemen. In response, the guards opened fire. The driver of the stolen car was killed, one of the passengers was injured, the third managed to escape.

"Seven policemen were arrested as part of the red-handed detention procedure and taken to the prosecutor, who is expected to investigate whether they acted in self-defense or it was a case of police violence," the media reported.

The victim turned out to be a 20-year-old Gypsy, two 16-year-olds were traveling with him. The Gypsy community accused the police of
deliberate reprisals and demanded justice. According to the Skai TV channel, one of the arrested employees justified the shooting by saying that the life of his colleague was in danger, as a result of which they were forced to open fire. "We fired when the driver rammed the motorcycles. We tried to stop the criminals' car," he explained.

However, according to the media, the police were ordered to stop the pursuit six or seven times because he was considered dangerous on busy roads, but the guards either did not hear him or ignored him.

Now the detainees are in the Main Police Department of Attica. On Wednesday, they must provide an explanation on charges of premeditated murder, attempted murder with intent, use of weapons. It is expected that the ballistic report will help identify which police officers used weapons and who fired the fatal shots.

Earlier it became known that a law enforcement officer from Voronezh stole the suspect's car and got caught. He conducted a search in the apartment of a man who was in the case of drug trafficking, and stole the keys to an Audi A4. After the end of the investigative actions, the man turned to a friend with a request to drive the car to another address.

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