News in the world now - 25.10.21

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News in the world now - 25.10.21

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The US State Department has listed Russians who want to get an American visa as "Homeless Nationalities". The report is published on the agency's website.

It is clarified that this category includes citizens of those countries in which the United States does not have a consular representation or whose political situation is considered so unstable that it does not allow the staff of the diplomatic mission to consider the applications of their citizens for a visa. In this case, the applicants are assigned to the consulate of one or more neighboring countries.

It is noted that currently Russians can apply for an American visa in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. In total, the list of "homeless nationalities" included citizens of ten countries. Among them are Venezuela, Yemen, Iran, Cuba, Libya, Syria, Somalia, South Sudan and Eritrea.

The strained relations between Russia and the United States have been reflected in the work of the diplomatic departments of both countries for several years. Another tension occurred in August, when the United States brought the composition of its diplomatic missions in accordance with the new requirements of the Russian government. Now Washington cannot hire Russians and citizens of third countries to work in American embassies and consulates. Commenting on the current situation, US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan noted that due to these measures, the number of American diplomatic missions in Russia will be reduced to 120 people.

After that, the US State Department announced the need for 24 Russian diplomats to extend their visas or leave the country. However, according to Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov, the Russian side acted strictly in accordance with the rules of the host country. "We send the documents to the State Department in advance, strictly on time. However, there is zero reaction," he stated.

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